Computer Science for K12 Schools

Embark Labs offers a complete cross curricular STEM program.
Our curriculum is 100% project based learning activities and challenges designed to promote deep understanding through inquiry and discovery.
The first two units of this course (~4 hours of lessons) are available for free in our Curriculum Library.


Do you want to introduce your students to computer science in a fun, hands-on way? Start with our free activity guides that walk you through leading a brief lesson on computational thinking and coding.

Schools & Districts

Do you want to bring a robust CS program to your school? We provide your teachers with a project-based curriculum and on-going coaching to enable kids to code original projects and apps.

School and Non-Profit Partners

Empowering Educators to teach CS

"I learn from them and they learn from each other. So it's just one, giant learning community, which is what we want in our schools."

One of our Lead Instructors, Lora Carey, shares her experience getting kids to explore computer science without having to be an "expert".